Cell Phone Carriers to aid in preventing sexting ???


There seems to be a tool that can monitor and restrict texting and pictures until approved.  It is offered by Taser (yes the company that creates electric shock stun guns ).  I have not tested this product and it still may be unreleased but their description says they can monitor cells phones.  I do not agree with eaves dropping every call or some of the additional monitoring it provides BUT for our younger cell phone users, who are allowed to text, I believe you can preview the text as a parent before it goes out.  Again not sure how all of this works yet but it could be an additional safety tool to prevent sexting type picture messages from being sent from your child’s cell phone.  The product can be seen at http://www.protector.com/.

NOTE this is NOT a product endorsement but a link to allow you to view tools for cell phone protection.

Why can’t cell phone carriers create a filter for cell phones given to kids under 18? If they could delay text and pic messages until approved by a parent wouldn’t that help our kids from making split second bad decisions?

Even if it is the kid that has to wait a certain amount of time before the picture was sent they might have more time to think.
We are sending our kids out there unarmed using the latest technology. Even parents can’t keep up with teaching responsible use of this technology since most don’t know how to use it either. The legal system hasn’t arranged a way to catch underage kids from making mistakes they just know how to attach criminal charges to certain actions.

We need the government to enforce some responsibility to technology makers for minors! Not taking away freedoms but manging utilization of these technologies for kids. We don’t allow them to drive, drink or even vote until a certain age but they can send messages and pictures without any training or learning of consequences!!!