What should parents do to prevent kids from Sexting! and being convicted of a crime!

Law enforcement is now so fed up with the posting of nude and provocative pictures of minors on the web they are taking the issue into their own hands.  Someone posting underage pics of kids exposing themselves can now be charged with a sex crime and then be subjected to having their name posted on the sex offenders list.

NOT something we want our children subjected to BUT we as parents, must take responsibility of what our children are doing on the web.  We need to engage them in discussions about who they are friends with on the internet and what they actually publish on the web.  Children do not think about the permanence of web publishing or who will ever see this information.  Google your childs name and show them how easy it can be to find them on the web.  Tell them colleges and future employers can easily find a history of their actions.  These images sometimes NEVER can be removed and will last a lifetime.

According to Parry Aftab, (an Internet privacy and security lawyer and is WiredSafety’s Executive Director)
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Judge Thomas O’Malley of Cleveland “Gets it”.  He didn’t prosecute teens convicted of distributing pornographic pics of underaged kids but educated them by assigning community service. He assigned each to gather info from 25 other teens about their activities of sending, viewing and creating pornography and if they knew these were criminal offenses.

What are you doing to educate your kids…….