Monitoring Software

Here at KidSafe Online we have researched many of the
software products available to monitor and control internet
access.  Monitoring is a way to oversee the activity your family
is doing on the internet. There are many types of parental
control tools.  For older more sophisticated users, you may
want to track the  user’s whereabouts so monitoring software
is what you need.  Parental control options are limitless, you
can view outgoing email, chat room access, instant message
access, file sharing, log URLs and browser activity, enforce
curfew, etc. There are several programs that will even notify
parents with an email about any violations that occur.

We use some of these products ourselves and can resell many
of these products directly to you at a discounted price.

Once we determine which products will best suit your
household, based on your needs and ability, we can install and
you on how to effectively use the tool.

Included below are industry sites that have rated and reveiwed
many packages.  Here at KidSafe we work with the top rated
products.  If you don’t see a product you want to use and learn
more about, just contact Gayle Ostic.

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