Don’t let your children surf unsupervised!!

If your child is 12 or under you should always use some sort of parental controls on the your computer when they are searching the web.  The slightest mistake in a url or wording of a search can take them places you don’t them to go and NEITHER DO THEY!!!     Porn, violence, extreme political views and any other site that could scare your child or show them info that isn’t age appropriate should be avoided at all costs.  Young children do not always posses the intellect to separate good from bad and how to process adult information.

Many browsers have parental controls in them – check your  browser and use them!  For the younger set kids browsers perform all the necessary checks to provide a safe and fun internet environment.  Besides playing games and watching kid appropriate ‘youtube’ videos,  many children are now asked by school to look up information on the web to complete their studies.  Of course you can fully supervise all internet access but there are times when kids need to search and look up things on their own.  They also need to be able to explore and have fun online by themselves.  With your guidance this is the beginning of teaching your children Digital Citizenship (see links below).

Just as going to a library to find information sources, the internet is todays’ much used source for looking up information.  Our children need to learn this skill and learn it safely.  If they need something and its beyond you as a parent to explain it or provide a fact, “Go look it up on the internet” is a great way to instill resourcefulness and independence.  BUT to make sure your child is working in a safe environment USE a Kids Browser or a standard browser that has thoroughly been set up for young children (ages 5-12).


Recommended Kids Browsers

Kidzui – a free browser that allows children to search, play and work online safely.

Kidzui Plus – a subscription version that adds special features and customization  abilities

My Kids Browser – a browser you purchase once,  allows a 30 day free trial

Kidoz – a free browser designed for younger children in mind.  Tons of free content and games.  Also allows parents to add websites that the children can visit.

Setting Parental Controls

Windows XP Parental Controls

Windows 7 Parental Controls

General Parental Controls for Windows


Digital Citizenship Links

* “Developing Thoughtful Cybercitizens

* “The goal for digital citizenship: Turn it into a verb!”

Digital Citizenship – The Nine Elements


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