Stop Bullying – start here in Marlboro, NJ

We as a community need to help support our children and the schools in the fight to stop bullying.  A program specifically dedicate to bullying is a great way to get started.  Last night at the Middle School,  I attended a  bullying presentation and heard many parents complaining about bullying and how its happening right here to our own children.  We hope the new NJ State bill will push our schools to be more proactive but we can help.  I will be willing to help lead, guide, support, manage etc a program to include our kids in this effort.

I have been researching programs and many provide toolkits to get started.  As of this month the US Government has published a bullying toolkit for all.

There are other programs that also provide training and toolkits and one that I have heard present in person is the Teenangels from Wired Safety.  This is a group that educates students to go out and help their peers.  on and new toolkit is being formed.  I will see if I can get a prerelease to aid in our selection process. A description of the chapter formation is here.

BUT we need buy in from Marlboro and parents to help support as well.  Comment and this post and drop me a line.  Or visit

Your local parent, neighbor and friend

Gayle Ostic


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