The Stopcyberbullying Coalition – Needs your support

The stopcyberbullying coalition is a movement to address cyberbullying and ways young people use technology as a weapon to hurt others.  Parry Aftab, Creator of Wired Safety and NYC Internet Privacy and Security Lawyer, with her Teenangels, are trying to find ways to prevent the drastic consequences of cyberbullying.

See the blog entry at McAfee’s Insights blog (Sexting can lead to Death).

This coalition is looking to include as many groups or individuals that are non-profit, charity, foundation, research group, community organization, school, website, media company or blogger, commercial entity, faith-based organization, governmental entity or agency or a law enforcement organization. The more they can get cooperating on this problem, the faster we can address it. Youth organizations are particularly welcome.

Join them at Stopcyberbullying .

**(This is a repost based on Parry Aftab’s request for involvement on her Blogspot).  Follow her posts and updates regarding this very important coalition.

Kidsafe Online requests all local Marlboro, NJ groups to consider this involvement.  Keep our kids safe and inform our parents, law inforcement and schools to do all that they can to help.

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