Telling your family that your home computer is monitored.

I have discussed openly monitoring your computer and believe you should not be stealth in your viewing of your children’s online activities.  Your childrens’ online experience should be something you have discussed in depth prior to them going online and can continue to be talked about regularly afterward.  This topic comes up in almost every internet safety site and more so in many blogs.

But now Norton embraces the technology and the communication aspect of keeping yours kids actions known and discussed with Norton Online Family .  This product and service is free until June of 2010.  NortonOnline.Family is a set tools that help to manage where they go, how long they are online, who they talk to, and what information they’re sharing with others. Best of all, it helps you open up a positive dialogue with your children about good online habits.  Norton has built in notification and messaging that parents should take advantage off to start family discussions about internet usage.

Go to Norton Online Family today to try out the latest monitoring tools and help your family have a safer experience on the web.

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